The Red Velvet Wendy Diet

Red Velvet Wendy weight loss

Wendy is a member of the Korean girl group Red Velvet and her appearance over the last couple of months left many fans speechless. It seems like she has lost a lot of weight compared to prior appearances. According to Wendy herself, her weight is changing a lot in both directions for different reasons. But it does look like she is on a strict diet. Especially, before their comebacks. 

The truth is that nothing is really known about what Wendy eats and how much she eats on a daily basis. But it looks like that Red Velvet Wendy diet contains only 350 calories a day according to sources in the industry. If this is true, it is a super unhealthy way of eating. This eating habit would contain almost no nutrients and wouldn’t give your body enough energy to operate properly throughout the day. 

There is no question that you would lose a ton of weight, if you would do the Red Velvet diet. But the health factor is more important here. As we laid out in other articles, there are better and healthier ways than starving yourself. Starving yourself will never be a long term solution for your fat loss. The Red Velvet Wendy weight loss seems to be one of these crazy Kpop diets that should have nothing to do with your daily diet. 

If you want to learn how to lose weight without starving yourself, while eating super delicious Korean food, make sure to have a look at our Korean diet guide. 

Additionally, it seems like as if the workout part of a successful diet often gets overlooked by many. If you look at a Kpop group like Red Velvet. What do you think they do during most of their day? Thats right, they dance and workout. I am sure they don’t spent all day in the gym, but they do spent a lot of time learning their choreographies and dance their butts off. 

If you want to lose weight than you have to understand that less food alone will not cut it. You have to eat the right food, the right amount of food and you have to exercise. 

The Red Velvet Wendy diet is just an extreme Kpop-ish way of dieting. I am sure you would like to know what exactly Wendy eats and how much she eats on a daily basis. But for now, we have no information on that. In case you are interested what other Kpop idols eat, make sure to check out our articles about the best Kpop diets. 

Dieting has always been a huge part of becoming and being a Kpop idol. But the trend in recent years seems to be a more sporty body compared to a skinny body. If you have a look at different idols these days and compare them to idols from a couple of years ago, you will see the difference. I think that workouts become more and more important for idols. Sure, there will always be extreme approaches like the Red Velvet Wendy Diet or this crazy Kpop diet, but the body image has definitely changed over recent years. 

This is something you should take in mind, if you want to lose weight. Don’t starve yourself! Eat the right amount of healthy food and find a workout that you enjoy and that you can stick to for a long time. The perfect body that you dream about doesn’t appear over night. It takes patience and dedication. Even the Red Velvet Wendy weight loss didn’t come over night. 

What do you think about the Red Velvet weight loss situation? Would you consider eating like this, or are you rather focusing on good food and a strong workout? Please let me know in the comments below. Let’s talk. 

The secret Ulzzang body workout and diet routine revealed 

Ulzzang body diet

You might be here to figure out how to get an Ulzzang body, or you might just want to know what this kind of body type actually is. We will teach you everything you have to know about it. Including what exactly an Ulzzang body is, how to get one, which workout you have to go through and how your diet should look like. Let’s get started, shall we?  Continue reading „The secret Ulzzang body workout and diet routine revealed „

The Korean diet FAQ

kpop diet
When you hear about the Korean diet for the first time and when you want to start it, you might run into some questions that need to be answered. We gathered all the questions our readers have asked and questions that we think might come up, when you think about starting this healthy and delicious diet. After this read you should have all the answers you were looking for and you will be ready to loose some weight. Continue reading „The Korean diet FAQ“

The IU diet and her weight loss explained

The IU diet is a weight loss journey that you should know more about and we will also show you, how you can implement her eating habits and exercise routine into your daily life. Learn how the IU diet plan looks like and make sure to include the right parts of it into your life.

But wait, who is IU? For the few who don’t know her, she is one of the most popular and most beloved Kpop idols of these days. And she is also one of the prettiest Korean celebrities out there. Before we get into the diet and exercise details, here are some body facts about IU, to make sure you know exactly how and if you can compare yourself to her:

  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg

This is the IU Diet

The following is the diet IU goes through, when she has to loose weight quickly. For example, before a photo shoot or before filming. So please take in mind that this is not a long term fix for your daily diet and should not be done without consulting your house doctor. The IU diet is basically structured like this:

  • 1 apple for breakfast
  • 1 sweet potato for lunch
  • 1 proteine shake for dinner

This is really not much to eat, when you consider that Kpop idols also have an extreme exercise and practice routine. The three meals together make for about 700 calories a day, which could vary depending on the portion shake she was drinking for lunch. We are not sure which protein shake IU was drinking during her diet, but we would recommend a misugaru shake, if you want to stick with Korean food.

As you can see, this is not a long term fix for your daily food intake and IU herself admitted that she received treatment for bulimia, in the past. So anybody who wants to copy her diet, should be aware of the risks and should consult a doctor about this.

This is quite the extreme Kpop diet and we don’t recommend you be on this weight loss experience for long. What we alternatively recommend for you is a healthy Korean diet that will provide you with tasty and healthy food, while you loose weight in the long term. You should also check out this 2-Week diet that will change your life.

IU Weight loss

The Korean Diet is the solution

Alternatively to one apple, one sweet potato and one protein shake per day, we recommend our Korean diet plan, which will help you in a meaningful way. If you want a quick and not so healthy solution for your weight than the IU diet might be for you. But if you have a few more days of patience and some love for your health and body, you should really check out our diet plan.

We build a diet that is based on healthy and delicious Korean food and an easy to follow Kpop workout. You can find all the details and the diet plan for the first week here.

By the way, if you need some good music to work out to, why not use this song by IU:

One last thing, before you start the IU diet or try our Korean diet plan. We believe that good food habits, some exercise and Korean cosmetic 😉 can get you the body you desire. In the end its all about changing your current habits and try something new. We hope we can help you with your weight loss and please let us know in the comment section below, if you have any further questions or thoughts about the IU diet and her weight loss. If you want to know more about the Korean diet and how to start your weight loss journey, check out our Korean diet book.

Kang Sora Weight Loss And Diet

Kang Sora Weight Loss

In case you are wondering about the Kang Sora weight loss, we have some tasty tipps an revelations for you. If you love Korean dramas as much as we do, you will have heard about the Kang Sora diet, by now. The Korean actress and female lead of the Korean drama ‘Doctor Strange’ has lost about 20 kilograms in a short amount of time.

This, of cause, is a great achievement by her and should serve as a motivation to all of us. But how exactly did Kang Sora loose all those kilograms? We did some research, listened to interviews and gathered all the informations we could find.

One more thing, before we go into the Kang Sora weight loss story itself: A lot of things have been said about her having a plastic surgery on her eyes and jar. We will not go into these procedures at all, because we think that it doesn’t really matter for the purpose of this article. Whether or not she had these plastic surgery procedures, her weight loss success is undeniable. And this is what we will be focusing on here. If you would like to lose weight, in a healthy way, check out our Korean diet book.

Kang Sora Weight loss and diet

Kang Sora went from 72 kg to 48 kg and here is what you can learn from her:

In a couple of interviews, we found that Kang Sora used to eat an entire pizza or a whole cake in one serving. If you think about it that is quiet some calories to take in. First thing she did, she cut this eating habit out of her daily diet.

And so should you, if you are planing on following the Kang Sora diet to loose some good amount of weight. If you want to loose fat, you have to eat less. It is just as simple as that. Monitor your meals and cut them down step by step. You don’t have to starve yourself, just eat less.

Additionally, Kang Sora started to do ballet. Ballet or any sports/exercising will help you to loose weight. Just choose any exercise or sport that you love the most. You don’t love any sport? Get over it! It is time for you to change things. How about you start with some Kpop dance workout to get into exercising?

Just try it out and let us know what you think about it.

In case of Kang Sora, her ballet sessions also helped her to get a better body posture and a body line that she gets envied for now. She also changed her sitting and walking habits, which helped her overall posture.

But that is not everything. The actress revealed some more insides about her diet and weight loss.

No snacks late at night. This is an important one. We all love to have some snack in evening, while watching our favourite show on the couch. But you have to break this habit, to loose weight. Just look at Kang Sora, she is the perfect proof for that.

Eat three meals a day. The Kang Sora diet features three meals a day and you should copy this way of eating regularly.

Breakfast: a blended drink that consisted of ingredients such as fruits, nuts, yogurt. Example:

Lunch: Korean food, for example pumpkin porridge, red bean porridge, and black sesame porridge. Fried rice and Bibimpab are also tasty and healthy alternatives for tour lunch break.

Dinner: Salad and some meat.

Just like Kang Sora we don’t recommend to go on a extreme diet, to loose weight. She recommends to eat well and to exercise regularly. This is totally the way you should go to. Don’t get so caught up with weighing yourself everyday, just follow the tipps that you found in this article and throughout our website. And always keep in mind that Korean actresses and Kpop idols sometimes have to loose weight in a heartbeat for their next acting job or concert. You on the other hand have more time to loose weight and you should use this time advantage.

Kang Sora diet and weight loss in a nutshell

  • No late night snacks
  • Exercise regularly
  • Three meals a day

That’s it. Sounds almost to easy to be true. But if you really stick to this diet you will see lasting results and your friends and family we be astonished by your weight loss, in a few weeks.

What do you think about the Kang Sora weight loss and what is your take on her plastic surgery? Let us know in the comments below. Lets discuss:)

Hyuna Weight Loss and Diet

Losing weight can be hard but some Kpop idols make it look so easy. The Hyuna weight loss is one of those cases. But was it really that easy for the former 4Minute member to lose all this weight? We will take a closer look at her diet, on the how and how fast Hyuna lost weight. The purpose is to show you how she did it and how you can copy it and integrate the Hyuna diet into your daily life. So you too can have the beautiful body you desire and deserve.

Here are some Hyuna body facts that might help you to put her weight loss into the right perspective. Don’t forget that everybody is different:)

Hyuna Body Facts
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Measurements: 86-63.5-86 cm
Dress Size: 6 (US)
Bra Size: 32B
Shoe Size: 9.5 (US)

Hyuna Weight Loss Secrets

If you followed Hyuna’s career you can see that she lost quite an amount of weight more than once. She, for example claimed, that she lost 17 Kilograms since primary school. Which is quite the achievement. But how did she do that? According to herself, she took the stairs instead of the elevator every time she had the choice. We think that is a great idea and very easy to implement into your daily life.

The other thing she did was a little bit more dramatic: She cut out all flour-based foods. Living in Korea, we can easily see how this is possible. Because most of the meals here are not made out of flour. Which makes it rather easy to follow this kind of diet. I

f you don’t live in Korea you might have some difficulties with this method though. Because, especially in the US and Europe, bread is the basic food you can get everywhere. And it might seem difficult at first to get around that. But it is definitely possible and if you want to achieve Hyuna weight loss, you can be successful this way. If you need some scientific proof or some explanation why you should cut out foods made out of flour read this book. It is full of good advice on how to eat healthier.

A photo posted by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on

In addition to cutting out flour-based foods of her diet, Hyuna also decided to eat many small meals instead of a few big meals. You should try this out as well, for a few weeks and see if it helps you with your weight loss.

Finally, dancing had a huge impact on her weight loss. She danced and practised almost every day to make her dream of becoming a Kpop idol come true. That is great news, if you love dancing. Make sure to dance as much as you can and as hard as you can. Alone with friends, just with anybody. Be assured that you will lose weight this way.

If you are not into dancing, don’t worry! Any sport or exercise will help you during the Hyuna diet. How about soccer, basketball, tennis, pilates, yoga or some gym time? The most important thing is to do it regularly and to make it a part of your life.

Bonus: Hyuna also said that she lost all the weight because of Shin JungHwan who she was compared to back in the days. This motivated her even more to lose weight. What does that mean for you? It means that you need a motivation! Why do you want to lose weight? Ask yourself and let us know in the comments below. Motivation is key to fat loss, because their will be days when you don’t feel like exercising and you really want that cake or tasty bread. Your motivation will keep you going!

Hyuna legs workout

What do you like the most about Hyuna’s body? We really love her legs! And if you want to get legs like Hyuna we have a little treat for your Hyuna diet. Watch the video below and follow the instructions. It might not happen over night, but if you follow along regularly you will see a huge improvement.

Hyuna weight loss and diet In a nutshell:

  • Cut flour-based foods out of your diet.
  • Eat more small meals instead of a few big meals.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Find a motivation.

Good luck with your weight loss and the Hyuna diet. We are 100% sure that you too can lose fat and live in the body you dream of! By the way, if you want to help somebody else to lose weight, don’t hesitate to share this awesome piece of advice with your friends. Need another Kpop diet? Try the Suzy diet!

Park Shin Hye Weight Loss

Kpop Diet

We have witnessed an incredible Park Shin Hye weight loss situation. And we tried to figure out how the Korean actress did it. We would like to share our findings with you, so you can copy her successful formula and lose some weight.

Here are some facts about Park Shin Hye that might help you to get the right idea about her weight loss.

Park Shin Hye Facts
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Born:  February 18, 1990

Park Shin Hye Weight Loss Secrets

If you have a look at her earlier Korean dramas, such as Heirs, you can see that Park Shin Hye always had some baby fat left. Recently, she was spotted having lost quite some weight. Her face and her body look more toned and in better shape. So what happened?

Park Shin Hye has some diet tipps that she really sticks too. Here they are:

She reduced her meals to two a day. This is an interesting way of scheduling your meals. Other Kpop idols might swear on rather eating more small meals instead of just two bigger ones. But it seems to work for Park Shin Hye. So you should definitely give it a try and see if it has some positive effects on your weight loss.

She also doesn’t eat any food after 6 p.m.! We don’t think that eating after six makes you necessarily fat, but if this rule helps you to not eat snacks in the evening it might be a good idea for you.

In situations where Park Shin Hye feels the need for a snack, she eats cabbage and cucumber. This obviously doesn’t sound very tasty, but it is definitely better and healthier than chocolate or sweets. We recommend to just have different vegetables as a snack, when you feel like it.

A photo posted by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on

A good workout and cycling is something else that really helped her losing weight. She also mentioned a dance workout which she does regularly. Working out, doing any kind of sports will be crucial to your diet. If you want to lose weight, than you have to move. Just pick your favourite sport or workout and do it regularly. How about a dance workout twice a week? Try it out and let us know in the comments, what your experiences look like.

Also don’t forget that she lost weight for her new Korean drama ‚Doctors‘ to fit her role better. What does that mean for you? Motivation is key!

One thing that really strikes you when you have a look at different pictures of Park Shin Hye is that her face looks skinnier. This is surely due to her weigh loss, but she also drinks a soup that consists of pumpkin  and red beans which is supposedly making her face glow and less puffy.

The Park Shin Hye Diet

It nice to see that Park Shin Hye is not pushing her diet to far. We think that she has  a beautiful and healthy body. Where other Korean actresses or singers might get to skinny, she really seems to be aware what is healthy and what is not. We are not sure if that way of dieting is sustainable, though. Because it really sounds like she is starving herself a bit and that cannot be healthy. And it is difficult to have the conviction to do it for to long.

But certain things can be done by you as well and you will see results! You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. Workout regularly, eat vegetables instead of sweet snacks and don’t overeat during your meals. That is essentially where the Park Shin Hye weight loss is coming from. If you want to know more about how Koreans stay so slim, while eating the best food in the world, make sure to have a look at our Korean diet book.

Park Shin Hye Weight loss in a nutshell:

  • Substitute unhealthy snacks with vegetables.
  • Eat two meals a day.
  • Workout regularly.
  • Get a motivation.

We hope that you find some of the things Park Shin Hye does helpful for your own diet. We don’t necessarily recommend doing everything the same way she did it. But we think that some of the things she does, will help you too. What do you think about her diet?

The best Korean Food for glowing skin

Korean Diet

Korean women are well known for their beautiful and clean skin. But how do they get such beautiful faces? Is it really all makeup and plastic surgery? There is another way on how to get beautiful skin. It is the amazing Korean food!

A study found that people who followed a Korean diet for about 10 weeks, experienced a drop in acne by 27 percent, sebaceous gland size dropped by 25 percent and inflammation dropped up to 50 percent.

Are you interested?

Here is a list of the Korean food for glowing skin. Some items on this list might surprise you and others are just so obvious. Let’s dive into this beauty secret.

1. Green Tea

Grüner Tee

It doesn’t have to be Korean green tea, even if that would make it even more desirable.  Green tea fights acne because it lowers the level of the acne-producing hormone dihydrotestosterone. How much do you have to drink of it? Drink a few cups of it every day and your skin will start glowing very soon.

Green tea also includes antioxidants. Antioxidants help your skin look healthier and younger.

2. Fish and Seafood


Fish and seafood prevent the face to show signs of ageing. These foods are rich in Omega-3 acids which will reduce the skin wrinkling process. Those acids also stop the production of inflammatory chemicals. If you don’t like fish, or find it difficult to cook, you can also use fish oil supplements to get your acne under control. Zinc will also play a role in getting a glowing skin, because it helps to produce new cells.

3. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Brown rice has a lot of lipid molecules which help to moisturise your skin. These Ceramides get integrated in your outer skin layer, where they hydrate skin. Hydration of your skin will increase, by eating more brown rice.

4. Sweet Potatoes

Korean Food

Sweet potatoes are full of beta-carotene. What does it do? Beta-Carotene is an antioxidant that fights ageing. Hands up, if this is for you. Sweet potatoes are a real superfood and not only explicitly for a Korean diet. But you should have them more often than not. Another good news about sweet potatoes is that there are so many different ways of preparing them. IU ate sweet potatoes as one of the few foods, during her diet.

5. Kimchi


Kimchi is a Korean dish of fermented cabbage. Because it is fermented it is packed with lactobacillus, the same bacteria found in yogurt. And this bacteria creates a very healthy balance of bacteria in your gut and helps your digestion. The vitamin A maintains your eyesight and might even fight cancer. But that’s not all. Kimchi is packed with garlic which keeps skin and hair healthy by providing anti-ageing supplements.

6. Water

This is a no-brainer and the easiest on this list to get on your table. In order to get a glowing skin it has to be hydrated. The best way to do this, is to drink lots of water. Water also has the benefit that it is a healthy alternative to all the high-in-calories and sugary beverages, you usually drink.

7. Soybean Paste

Korean Soybean Paste

Soybean paste is full of vitamin E and this vitamin is an incredible antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body and by doing that repair and protect your skin. You cannot find soybean paste anywhere around? Get Korean soybean paste here.

8. Jokbal 

Jokbal (족발) are pig feet and they are packed with collagen and gelatine. What do collagen and gelatine do to your skin? They will help you to get a firm and wrinkle-free skin. We know that pig feet are not a common meal in the western world, but this should actually change. It is not only a super food for glowing skin, but also amazingly delicious.

9. Ginseng

Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is fully packed with antioxidants and they will not only give you a clean skin, but also lower your stress and cholesterol level and strengthen your immune system. You can get your regular portion of ginseng through teas, soups and some Korean meals.

10. Bae

A bae (배) is a Korean pear which is a fantastic source for vitamin K,  C and fiber. You have puffy eyes and circles under your eyes? Cut the bae into slices, put them on your eyes and witness the magic.

11. Makgeolli

What is makgeolli? Isn’t that an alcoholic beverage? It is a fermented rice wine. Amino acids such as lysine, which can be found in this Korean drink, and methionine keep the skin firm. Additionally, a high dose of vitamins B2 and B3 in Makgeolli are known to brighten the skin. This doesn’t mean you should drink Maekgolli everyday, but try it as an alternative to your usual alcoholic drink. Did i mention that it is super tasty.

12. Seaweed Soup

Are you still eating kale? There is another green superfood in town and you should pay attention. Here is a short list of what seaweed soup is packed with: Iodine reduces swellings, calcium makes your bones strong, fiber, omega acids and vitamins B1 & B3 will automatically increase your overall health.

10 Reasons Why A Kimchi Diet Might Solve All Your Problems

Kimchi Health Benefits

Kimchi is a fermented cabbage dish that should be a central part of your diet. Why? Because a Kimchi diet will ensure that this superfood is part of your life, on a daily basis. You might wonder, why you have never heard about this superfood before. I am not saying it is kept a secret but it is just not a part of our western way of eating. But it is crucial in the Korean diet.

And the following 10 lesser known facts about Kimchi will finally persuade you that you need this fermented cabbage in your life. If you don’t know how to make Kimchi yourself or where you can get it, worry no more. We will show you where you can learn how to make Kimchi yourself.

But lets have a look at the 10 reasons why you should start you Kimchi diet today.

1.Kimchi is lowering Cholesterol

The results of a study done in South Korea showed that participants who ate more Kimchi experienced a bigger drop in Cholesterol. High cholesterol is a factor for heart attacks and other diseases. You don’t have to eat Kimchi for every meal to do something good for your cholesterol level.

2. It is an antioxidant Superfood

Antioxidants fight free radicals in your body and are believed to have a major impact on disease such as cancer and alzheimer. But they also help you to age slower. You can find antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. Kimchi is high in antioxidants and should be on the table of everybody who wants to make sure that ageing happens slower.

3. Full of probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria which are good for your health. A few medical conditions that can be healed by probiotics are irritable bowl syndrome, diarrhea, skin condition and oral conditions. So where do you get all the probiotics from? Thats right, from Kimchi.

4. Packed with Vitamin A, B and C

You don’t get a lot of vitamins in your daily diet? Kimchi is here to changed that. This Korean food is full of vitamin A, B and C. vitamin A is good for your eyesight, vitamin B boosts your immune system and vitamin C fights skin ageing. If you want all of this, just get your daily dose of Kimchi.

5. It is easy to make it yourself

You might think that making Kimchi is difficult and that you need a lot of ingredients which are not easy to get your hands on. But you don’t have to worry about that. It is easy to make and you can find very helpful resources on how to make your own Kimchi here, here and here.

6. A Kimchi diet is detoxifying

You need garlic and onions to make a really nice and healthy Kimchi. Garlic and onions are naturally detoxifying foods. The mixture of both will detoxify your body in know time.

7. Boosts you immune system

Kimchi contains a lot of vitamin B which helps you to boost your immune system. Winter is coming and the flue season is upon us. Get a good chunk of Kimchi and make it part of your diet, to get your immune system into a good state.

8. Versatility

Don’t worry that you might get bored of Kimchi. You can have your Kimchi with so many different meals and they will all taste amazing. Once you get used to a Kimchi diet you will never want to live without this superfood anymore. Did I mention that 300 different types of Kimchi exist? There is some diversity for you and your meals. If you are looking for more Korean recipes or you just want to lose weight the Korean way, you have to have a look at our Korean diet book.

9. Affordable

Many superfoods come and go. Just like any other trend that disappears after a while. And many of these trendy foods are expensive. Say hello to Kimchi and its amazing price tag. We are talking about a vegetable and yes, a little bit will go a long way here.

10. It is super delicious

A Kimchi diet might not be for everybody. Some people might not want to eat fermented food, even if it is proven to be very healthy. Others might be confused by the smell. But once you get addicted to it, you will never let it go. It is perfect in combination with Korean pancakes, bulgogi or even ramen noodles. You will love it.

One last thing: Kimchi is high in salt, because of the way it is made. So make sure that your Kimchi diet is not a one way street. We are not saying that you should only eat Kimchi all day long. Use it as a side dish, together with other Korean food and don’t overeat.

The Korean Diet


What are your thoughts on Kimchi? Do you love it or do you hate it? Let us know in the comments below.