Kang Sora Weight Loss And Diet

Kang Sora Weight Loss

In case you are wondering about the Kang Sora weight loss, we have some tasty tipps an revelations for you. If you love Korean dramas as much as we do, you will have heard about the Kang Sora diet, by now. The Korean actress and female lead of the Korean drama ‘Doctor Strange’ has lost about 20 kilograms in a short amount of time.

This, of cause, is a great achievement by her and should serve as a motivation to all of us. But how exactly did Kang Sora loose all those kilograms? We did some research, listened to interviews and gathered all the informations we could find.

One more thing, before we go into the Kang Sora weight loss story itself: A lot of things have been said about her having a plastic surgery on her eyes and jar. We will not go into these procedures at all, because we think that it doesn’t really matter for the purpose of this article. Whether or not she had these plastic surgery procedures, her weight loss success is undeniable. And this is what we will be focusing on here. If you would like to lose weight, in a healthy way, check out our Korean diet book.

Kang Sora Weight loss and diet

Kang Sora went from 72 kg to 48 kg and here is what you can learn from her:

In a couple of interviews, we found that Kang Sora used to eat an entire pizza or a whole cake in one serving. If you think about it that is quiet some calories to take in. First thing she did, she cut this eating habit out of her daily diet.

And so should you, if you are planing on following the Kang Sora diet to loose some good amount of weight. If you want to loose fat, you have to eat less. It is just as simple as that. Monitor your meals and cut them down step by step. You don’t have to starve yourself, just eat less.

Additionally, Kang Sora started to do ballet. Ballet or any sports/exercising will help you to loose weight. Just choose any exercise or sport that you love the most. You don’t love any sport? Get over it! It is time for you to change things. How about you start with some Kpop dance workout to get into exercising?

Just try it out and let us know what you think about it.

In case of Kang Sora, her ballet sessions also helped her to get a better body posture and a body line that she gets envied for now. She also changed her sitting and walking habits, which helped her overall posture.

But that is not everything. The actress revealed some more insides about her diet and weight loss.

No snacks late at night. This is an important one. We all love to have some snack in evening, while watching our favourite show on the couch. But you have to break this habit, to loose weight. Just look at Kang Sora, she is the perfect proof for that.

Eat three meals a day. The Kang Sora diet features three meals a day and you should copy this way of eating regularly.

Breakfast: a blended drink that consisted of ingredients such as fruits, nuts, yogurt. Example:

Lunch: Korean food, for example pumpkin porridge, red bean porridge, and black sesame porridge. Fried rice and Bibimpab are also tasty and healthy alternatives for tour lunch break.

Dinner: Salad and some meat.

Just like Kang Sora we don’t recommend to go on a extreme diet, to loose weight. She recommends to eat well and to exercise regularly. This is totally the way you should go to. Don’t get so caught up with weighing yourself everyday, just follow the tipps that you found in this article and throughout our website. And always keep in mind that Korean actresses and Kpop idols sometimes have to loose weight in a heartbeat for their next acting job or concert. You on the other hand have more time to loose weight and you should use this time advantage.

Kang Sora diet and weight loss in a nutshell

  • No late night snacks
  • Exercise regularly
  • Three meals a day

That’s it. Sounds almost to easy to be true. But if you really stick to this diet you will see lasting results and your friends and family we be astonished by your weight loss, in a few weeks.

What do you think about the Kang Sora weight loss and what is your take on her plastic surgery? Let us know in the comments below. Lets discuss:)

Korean Bibimbap Recipe

Bibimbap Recipe

Our Bibimbap recipe is easy, healthy and delicious. Try it out now and learn how to cook Korean easily.



Bibimbap Recipe

Bibimbap is one of our favourite Korean meals and it is super easy to make. Just follow our Bibimbap recipe and you will have a beautifully tasty meal ready in no time.


•1Tbsp = 15ml
•1 tsp = 5ml

Gochujang Meat Sauce
⁃100g (3.5 ounces) beef mince
⁃1 Tbsp sesame oil
⁃1 Tbsp sugar
⁃1 tsp minced garlic
⁃3 Tbsp soy sauce
⁃2 Tbsp gochujang
⁃1 Tbsp roasted sesame seed – crushed (or other roasted nuts – crushed)

Vegetables and Other
⁃150g bean sprouts
⁃1/2 zucchini
⁃1/2 carrot (or 1 small carrot)
⁃30g shiitake mushroom (or any other mushrooms)
⁃3/4 tsp fine sea salt
⁃2 eggs
⁃2 serving portions of steamed rice (Korean sticky rice)
⁃Some cooking oil to cook the zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and eggs. (Oils without strong flavour such as canola oil, sunflower seed oil or rice bran oil are recommended.)

1.For Gochujang Meat Sauce, first cook the meat on medium heat with sesame oil. When the meat is cooked, add all the other ingredients except the roasted sesame seed. Boil until the thickness of the sauce is like Greek Joghurt and remove from the heat. Add roasted sesame seed – crushed. (or other roasted nuts – crushed.)
2.Wash all the vegetables, peel and julienne carrots, julienne zucchini and thinly slice mushrooms. Cook all the vegetables separately in the following order with one frying pan/wok, on high heat.
⁃Heat the frying pan/wok on high heat and stir-fry bean sprouts with some cooking oil (1/2 Tbsp) and 1/4 tsp sea salt until they turn transparent (2 to 3 mins).
⁃Add some cooking oil (1/4 Tbsp) and 1/4 tsp sea salt to carrots, cook quickly until the carrots turn slightly transparent and soft. (1 to 3 mins)
⁃Add some cooking oil (1/4 Tbsp) and 1/4 tsp sea salt to zucchinis, cook until the zucchinis turn transparent and soft. (2 to 3 mins)
⁃Add some cooking oil (1/4Tbsp) and 1/4 tsp sea salt to mushrooms, cook until the mushrooms are all cooked. (2 to 3 mins)
3.Make fried eggs. (Koreans usually have it sunny side up!)
4.Put the rice into a bowl, put the assorted vegetables, Bibimbap sauce and the egg on the top of rice and serve.
5.Mix the ingredients well and enjoy your Bibimbap!

What do you think about our Bibimbap recipe? Let us know which Korean food you love the most and we will add a recipe for it to our site as soon as possible.