The 45 Best Korean Recipes

The Korean cuisine is so rich and delicious that we have to present you with our favorite Korean recipes. They are all easy to make and taste amazing. Even if it might be difficult sometimes to get certain ingredients, you will see and taste that it is worth it. But our favorite Korean food recipes are not only delicios. They are also really healthy. If you want to start a Korean diet, than you should definitely try out as many of the mentioned Korean recipes as possible. Because it will make your diet meal plan amazingly beautiful and rich.

Korean side dishes recipes

Korean Diet

Spicy Cucumber Side Dish (oi-muchim)

This spicy Korean side dish is one of our favourites. It is easy to make and can be used for different meals throughout the week.

Braised Tofu (dubu jorim)

Tofu is not only healthy, but also super tasty if you prepare it in the right way. Braised tofu is one way to make something truly special for your loved ones in no time.

Korean Egg Role (gaeran mari)

I could have these Korean egg roles every meal. They are so easy to make, but taste awesome and look fabulous. A wonderful way to make your meal look very special.

Soybean Sprouts (kongnamul muchim)

If you don’t know how to get healthy soybeans into your daily meal plan, this Korean recipe is for you. Even if you don’t like sprouts in general, this one will make you a believer.

Tofu Pork Patties

Some might not consider them a Korean side dish, but that i sthe way I use them in my daily diet. Therefore, I included them here. And because they are super delicious.

Korean Salad recipes

The Korean Diet

Green Onion Salad

This is a fresh and healthy Korean salad that goes wonderful with grilled pork belly or any other beef. It can also be served as a side dish.

Squashed Sweet Potatoe Salad

Sweet potatoes are all the rage these days. And rightfully so. Because they are healthy, delicious and very good for you skin. This recipe is one wonderful way to get your sweet potaoe fix.

Radish Salad

There is finally a way to make radish taste amazing. This recipe will show you how you can easily make a sweet and sour salad for your next BBQ.

Korean Lettuce Salad

Use this salad for wraps, sandwiches and burgers or just as a side dish. It is easy to make and the taste is out of this world. Perfect if you want your kids to eat more salad.

Spicy Korean Coleslaw Salad

This is another great salad recipe that can be prepared by anybody and anywhere in the world. It is fresh, healthy and delicious. Just like almost everything else in the Korean cuisine.

Korean soup recipes

Korean Diet

Pork Kimchi Soup

A wonderful Kimchi jjigae with pork and tofu. Surely one of the most famous Korean soups. And this soup is not only good for cold days, but also for every other day.

Pork Spine Soup

This is another delicious soup with pork and potatoes as the meain ingredients. Just follow the recipe and you cannot get wrong. It might take some time, but it is totally worth it.

Korean Milky Beef Bone Soup

If you like your soup creamy, this one is for you. It is easy to make but it taste very nice and is refreshing at the same time. Your family and friends will love it.

Fish Egg Soup

You can make this one with either fresh or frozen fish. Both methods are tasty. This is one of our favorite Korean soups.

Oxtail Soup

This soup is perfect for cold days, because it is so nourishing, fillling and and comforting. But you don’t have to wait until it gets cold again. Just try it out today and taste it for yourself.

Spicy Korean Fish Soup

If you run out of seafood meal ideas, this recipe is for you. The Korean kitchen is full of good seafood recipes but this one is espespially delicious.

Kimchi Tofu Soup

This is another Kimchi jjigae which is worth a try. If you don’t have Kimchi or cannot get it anywhere near you, just try out our Kimchi recipes below. It will take some time and effort but it is definitely worth it.

Korean beef recipes

Korean Diet

Beef Meetball 

Everybody loves meatballs and so do we. This wonderful Korean beef recipe is a good choice for everybody, who wants to live the Korean food dream.


This is another one of our favorite Korean recipes and by far the most famous way of preparing beef in Korea. YOu have to try this one if you visit Korea. If you cannot visit you have to make this one for dinner tonight.

Tteokgalbi Short Rib Patties

We love bulgogi, but Tteokgalbi is right next to it. It is just so difficult to choose between all the wonderful Korean food. This recipe will teach you exactly how to make a tasty Tteokgalbi for your family, your friends or just yourself.

Korean Beef Bowl

This is a really wuick and easy Korean recipe which will fill up ypur stomach in a delicious way. All you need is 15 minutes and a handful of ingredients.

Korean Sizzling Beef

This is a very western way of approaching Korean food. It is based on bulgogi and will leave you with the wish for more Korean dishes.

Korean Beef Rice Bowl

Another version of a Korean beef bowl. This one is made with zucchinis and is as delicious as everything else on this list. And this Korean recipe is also prepared quickly.

Korean Beef Stir-Fry

This recipe is perfect for every weeknight and can be prepared quickly. You cannot go wrong with this one, if you want to put something special on the table tonight.

Korean kimchi recipes

Korean Diet

Traditional Kimchi 

This Kimchi recipe will help you to make your own Kimchi. It will take some time to make, but if you want to do the Korean diet right, you have to have Kimchi in your fridge. And it is totally worth the time.

Spicy Kimchi

There are endless of ways how to make Kimchi. But our second choice is defenitely one of the more popular ones. Get yourself ready for some realy nice and tasty Korean Kimchi.


Kimchi recipe number three is a wonderful alternative to the two recipes mentioned above. Definitely worth trying. All three recipes are good and we just want to give you a variety to choose from. Because if you really get to like Kimchi, you have to have more than just one recipe.

Korean dessert recipes

Korean Diet

Korean Egg Bread (Gyeran Bang)

This one has become one of our favourite street foods. You can easily get it anywhere in Korean. But you can also make it yourself and have it for dessert.

Adzuki Bean Brownies

This dessert is more of a modern Korean brownie. Nevertheless, it is very yummy and it is easy to make in just under an hour. If you want your brownies to taste a little bit more Korean, this is your recipe.

Korean Shaved Ice (patbingsu)

Patbingsu is by far our favorite Korean dessert. Why? Because this Korean Ice cream alternative is delicious and does not cary the havy calories of your usual ice cream. You have to try out this Korean recipe.

Black Sesame Chestnut Scones

Another Korean dessert recipe that you have to try. The mix of black sesame and chestnuts is amazing and you can easily make this dessert yourself.

Korean BBQ recipes

Korean Diet

Korean Barbeque at home

If you want to have a real Korean BBQ at home you should try out this recipe. You get a full menu that will make you feel like you are actually in Korea. Keep in mind that preparing everything in advance will take some time.

Samgyeopsal Korean BBQ

This recipe is a must for everybody, who wants to have a Korean barbeque. And having it with samgyeopsal will make it even better. By the way, you also learn how to pair your meal with soju.

Kalbi Korean Barbeque

And another Korean BBQ recipe for everybody, who wants to live the Korean dream. If you like ribs, this one is for you. Extremely delicious and your friends and family will love it.

Korean BBQ Recipes

Get three Korean BBQ recipes at once and understand the gigantic variety of Korean food. If you haven’t found your recipe yet, you will get lucky with this one.

Korean BBQ Chicken 

Yes a Korean BBQ with chicken meat is as good as all the other ones. And it is extremely delicious with some of the side dishes we introduced to you earlier.

Korean BBQ Sauce

When we talk about Korean BBQ, at least one recipe for a Korean BBQ sauce has to mentioned. We decided that this one is the one that tasted the most like Korea.

Korean Barbeque

Another Korean Barbeque recipe that you should try, if you want to know how a real BBQ should taste like.

Korean Barbeque Burgers

Who doesn’t love good burgers. Try this recipe and let us know what you think about the Korean way of making a Burger for a babeque.

Korean BBQ Wings

Korean BBQ Wings are very popular. And there is a good reason for it. It is ridicoulusly delicious and you have to try this recipe at your next barbeque. Show your friends, how wings you taste like.

5 Korean recipes you cannot live without

These 5 Korean meals are our absolute favorites and we want you to be able to try them as well. Even if you are not in Korea. So we gathered the following Korean recipes and we hope that you will love them as much as we do.


Not only is Tteokbokki our favorite Korean street food, but it also is one of our all time favorites. It is sweet, it is made of presed rice and it is unbelievably delicious. This is a must ahve food, when you visit Korea. But wait, with this recipe you can have Tteokbokki whenever and whereever you want.Your children will love it and and your friends will beg you for the recipe.

Korean Pancakes

These pancakes are nothing like what you are used to. I am not talking about overly sugary pancakes with marmelade and peanut butter on top. Even if they can be extremely delicious from time to time. Korean pancakes are the healty version of what you would call a pancake. You can fill them with vegetables and seafood, if you want to. This is perfect for a light lunch or any other meal of the day.


This is our favourite noodle dish in Korea. If you want to spice up your noodle cooking skills, you should have a look at this recipe. There are many different ways of making japchae, but we realy like this one and we would like you to try it. Did we mention that it is healthy, delicious and that it looks amazing? Well that is exactly what you get, if you try this one out.


Bibimbap is another one of our favorites and it is realy easy to make. This dish consists of rice, vegetables and an egg. You can always add meat, if you want to spice it up a little bit. Either way is good. This recipe is very detailed and takes you step by step through the process. But don’t get paniced. Once you have figured it out, it realy is easy as pie. It is totally worth trying and freaking healthy.


I could eat Kimbap everyday. And because there are many different ways of making it, boredom is not an option. I never get tired of Kimbap. It is so delicious and easy to make. Some might call it Korean sushi, but that is realy not what it is. Kimbap is one of the best Korean food and we want you to try for yourself. Just follow the recipe and you will see how easy and quick you can make your family and yourself happy.

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