The 5 Best Kpop Workout Videos

What should a Kpop workout look like? We think that it should not only consist of dancing, but also some other cardio. If you want to look like your favorite Kpop idol you should also consider some weight exercise. Not to much though because heavy muscles might kill your feminine parts.

It will be a totally different story. for men. They should just hit the gym as hard as possible. But to make sure that you can get the body you want, we put together a Kpop workout which will make you look amazing. Will it happen over night? Rather not. But with some dedication and some sweat we will make sure that you finally reach your goals.

But how does the perfect Kpop workout look like?

Let’s first look at some workouts which are done by some of the most famous Kpop idols. After that we will move on and explain, how you can model your workout around their exercise routines.

1. SNDS workout routine for beautiful thighs

You want to have those beautiful SNSD thighs. Just like Yuri or Jessica? Then the following video is for you. Learn how to work out your thighs and get those beautiful legs. It is a wonderful workout which will make you look awesome in your favorite skirts.

2. Kpopx Fitness

If you need some more Kpop workout videos you should have a look at Kpopx Fitness. The founder Maddy Lim and her programme were awarded „Best Dance Fitness“ award 2015 by the Shape magazine. And they do deserve the award. Make sure to check out their workout routines and courses.

3. Big Bang dance workout

This video proves that almost any Kpop song can be used for a great workout. Just follow the steps and you will feel how intense a dance workout can be.

4. K-Fit workout

We found this workout on Arirang tv and we love it. The K-Fit workout is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time. And it is big fun. Get ready for your hot and fit body.

5. Yuri SNSD Workout

Watch how Yuri works out in the gym. When you are finished watching, you should get to the gym yourself and work out hard. I find her so inspiring and it really paid of for her to utilize the gym. You should do the same.

All the Kpop Workouts mentioned above will help you to get into form. If you have the time you should do all of them throughout the week. You can also choose your favorite and only do that specific one. If you for example want to work on your thighs only, you should try out the „Girls Generation“ workout a few times. But we recommend to do all of them, because it will otherwise become boring. And it is essential that you stay motivated.  Just have some fun doing the Kpop workouts and visualize the reason for your weigh loss desire.

Let us know which Kpop workout you like the most and which playlist is the best for a good workout.

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