10 Kimchi health benefits that will blow your mind

You might ask yourself “What is Kimchi?” Don’t worry no more, we will explain you what Kimchi is and we will let you know 10 Kimchi health benefits that will make your life better. In short, Kimchi is a superfood like no other. But let’s have a quick look what exactly Kimchi is:

What is Kimchi? 

Kimchi is basically fermented cabbage superfood that your body and diet has been waiting for. The basic recipes for Kimchi include cabbage, garlic, salt, vinegar, cilili pepper. But this is just the basics. Last time I checked, there were more than 300 different sorts of Kimchi available throughout the country. Yes, 300! Kimchi is a stable side dish at almost every Korean meal. not only can you have kimchi as a separate side dish but it also is used as an ingredient in many different Korean foods. Such as pancakes, soups, pizza toppings and many more. 

But why is Kimchi so popular among Koreans? Well, it is super delicious and it is extremely healthy! This superfood is full of different vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C. But thats not all! Here is a list of 10 Kimchi health benefits that will shock you. 

Is Kimchi healthy? 

1. Kimchi contains healthy bacteria and probiotics 

Just like Yoghurt, which is also fermented, Kimchi contains lactobacilli, which are healthy bacteria that help with the digestion process of your body. On top of that they help to fight different diseases in your body. 

2. Lose weight

Kimchi is very low in calories! And the chili pepper boosts your metabolism, which leads to weight loss. Sounds to good to be true? Check out our Kimchi Diet guide, to learn more about how to lose weight with Kimchi.

3. Saves your eyesight 

The high amount of vitamin A in Kimchi will help you your eyesight to stay clear and sharp. So if you have some problems with your eyes, give it a try. 

4. Beautiful skin and hair

All these Kimchi health benefits, so far, are awesome, but what about your outer beauty? Kimchi has you covered there too. Kimchi makes your hair shiny and your skin heathy. Kimchi even helps you to avoid wrinkles. Why? Because of the selenium from the garlic! An on top of that Kimchi prevents acne. How amazing is that? Read here, how to get glowing skin. 

5. Say No to stomach cancer 

A University study has found that the biochemicals in cabbage help detoxify your liver and kidney. The study shows that you can avoid stomach cancer, when eating cabbage and radish, which you can also find a lot in Kimchi. 

6. Lowers cholesterol levels

You have a high blood pressure or to high of cholesterol? Kimchi might be just what the doctor ordered! Because of the high amount of garlic both of these health problems can be helped. Garlic has a lot of allicin and selenium and they decrease the cholesterol levels. On the same note, Kimchi can also help you to avoid strokes.

7. Look younger 

Kimchi is rich in anti-oxidants, because of the fermentation process. Anti-oxidants are known to prevent your skin from aging. Now you know, why Koreans look so much younger compared to there same aged contemporaries in the western world.

8. Strengthen your immune system 

Another study has shown that immune cells tend to be more active, when you eat Kimchi. 

9. Diabetes Killer

A study showed that a Kimchi based, together with a low fat eating routine can help you with your diabetes.

10. Helps to avoid asthma

If you are struggling with asthma attacks, this superfood ist for you. One of the biggest Kimchi health benefits is that it is one of the best foods for people who have asthma. If you want to avoid these nasty asthma attacks, give Kimchi a chance.

Is it ok to eat Kimchi everyday? This is a question that we get ask a lot. The simple answer is yes. You don’t have to eat huge amounts of Kimchi everyday. Try a scoop of it here and there and figure out when and with which meal you like it. just make it a part of your daily diet routine. 

Kimchi benefits Bonus: 

Kimchi was ranked as one of the five most healthiest foods in the world. Here are couple more Kimchi health benefits:

  • Kimchi also benefits your brain. 
  • Great source of fiber  
  • It is good for the health of your heart.

So where do you get your daily dose of Kimchi, now? 

You can either make your own Kimchi, if you have the time for it. It is not that difficult to make. Or you can just pick up some ready-made Kimchi here! 

I really urge you to try out this superfood. The Kimchi health benefits will blow you away! 

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