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How to start a food or diet blog and inspire others

You want to learn how to get your own food or diet blog up? This in-depth article might be exactly what you need to finally get started. The food niche is huge at the moment and diets will always be in trend. No matter if you want to showcase your cooking recipes, or if you

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Kang Sora Weight Loss And Diet

In case you are wondering about the Kang Sora weight loss, we have some tasty tipps an revelations for you. If you love Korean dramas as much as we do, you will have heard about the Kang Sora diet, by now. The Korean actress and female lead of the Korean drama ‘Doctor Strange’ has lost

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Korean Bibimbap Recipe

Our Bibimbap recipe is easy, healthy and delicious. Try it out now and learn how to cook Korean easily. BIBIMBAP(비빔밥) – KOREAN MIXED RICE WITH MEAT AND VEGETABLES WHAT IS BIBIMBAP? Bibimbap is one of our favourite Korean meals and it is super easy to make. Just follow our Bibimbap recipe and you will have

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Hyuna Weight Loss and Diet

Losing weight can be hard but some Kpop idols make it look so easy. The Hyuna weight loss is one of those cases. But was it really that easy for the former 4Minute member to lose all this weight? We will take a closer look at her diet, on the how and how fast Hyuna

Korean Diet

Park Shin Hye Weight Loss

We have witnessed an incredible Park Shin Hye weight loss situation. And we tried to figure out how the Korean actress did it. We would like to share our findings with you, so you can copy her successful formula and lose some weight. Here are some facts about Park Shin Hye that might help you to get the

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The best Korean Food for glowing skin

Korean women are well known for their beautiful and clean skin. But how do they get such beautiful faces? Is it really all makeup and plastic surgery? There is another way on how to get beautiful skin. It is the amazing Korean food! A study found that people who followed a Korean diet for about 10 weeks,

Korean Diet

10 Reasons Why A Kimchi Diet Might Solve All Your Problems

Kimchi is a fermented cabbage dish that should be a central part of your diet. Why? Because a Kimchi diet will ensure that this superfood is part of your life, on a daily basis. You might wonder, why you have never heard about this superfood before. I am not saying it is kept a secret

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30 Pictures Of Korean Food That Proof Why The Korean Diet Is So Successful

Korean Food is not only healthy and delicious, it is also beautiful to look at. That is why we decided to share the 50 best Korean food pictures with you. After seeing all the wonderful Korean meals you have to understand that a Korean diet will make you not only lose wait, but you will

Korean Diet

Why you shouldn’t take Korean diet pills and what to do instead

Korean diet pills seem to be a nice shortcut for a lot of people, who want to lose weight quickly. I understand that many of you would like to kickstart your diet with a little helper. Trust me, we all have been there. It just sounds so good, losing a few pounds by taking a

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UEE Weight Loss

While looking through all the Korean celebrity diets, we discovered UEE weight loss. Its not a diet itself, but we will show you how the after school member lost weight and how you can do it as well.

Kpop Diet

7 Diet Lessons You Can Learn From SNSD

The girls from SNSD are not only famous for their wonderfully bubble gum like music, but also for their fascinating ways of dieting. We talked about the SNSD diet before and decided, due to great demand, to give you more information on this particular Kpop diet. We decided to start it off with 10 diet


7 mistakes you make every time during your Kpop workout

You started your Kpop Workout and you have been doing it for quite a while now. But you somehow cannot see any major changes yet? You might be doing something wrong. That is why we would like to talk about the 10 mistakes you probably make every time during your Kpop workout. We will help

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How to achieve Kpop weight loss

If you want to achieve Kpop weight loss, you should read the following lines very closely. There is no magical shortcut to get the Korean idol body of your dreams. But if you follow a few rules you can set yourself up for success. And we are not talking about starving yourself to death. We

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The 45 Best Korean Recipes

The Korean cuisine is so rich and delicious that we have to present you with our favorite Korean recipes. They are all easy to make and taste amazing. Even if it might be difficult sometimes to get certain ingredients, you will see and taste that it is worth it. But our favorite Korean food recipes

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Korean Diet Plan

So how does a Korean diet plan look like? Sure, you could eat kimchi all day, everyday. Add some rice from time to time and you might lose weight in the process. But that would be boring, wouldn’t it? That’s at least what we thought and that’s why we got out there to find a